I dived into the blog world last year with much trepidation. Will someone ever read what I write? Will I sink without a trace? And what should I write about? It was easy to choose “travel” as the subject as I have travelled quite a lot, mostly within my own country – India – and if not interesting, I would at least be authentic, I thought. Also, I have always enjoyed reading travelogues, which  helped me veer myself more in this direction.The kind of travel I have enjoyed the most is hiking in the Himalayas, so I zeroed in on this topic and took the plunge.

Writers want readers and I am no exception.  Not being very active in the social networking area, my  hope for attracting more readers lies in effective usage of the tools available for increasing visibility.

I do want to write on other matters too that are close to my heart. And it has always been a dream to write short stories. It is another matter that I have not even made a first lousy draft. But I will, I will, now that I am here and intend sticking around.


5 thoughts on “WHO I AM AND WHY AM I HERE?

  1. Hello 🙂 I, for one will wait for your posts. I’ve been around here for a while now and I’ve really enjoyed sharing my thoughts. So may warm-hearted people around the world to know, so much of really good writing to appreciate and learn from and so much of goodwill to experience. So here’s wishing you pleasant times and lots and lots of writing.


  2. I’m sure that right people Will find you. Even I’m not very active on social media. Either you can write or be active on SM, third category is the ones who are full time bloggers. you write very well. I’m sure your thoughts and experience can benefit us all!


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