Hey! Whether you are a travelholic, an armchair traveller or travel-weary, come aboard and be a part of my journeys, mostly into the wilderness. I am Vaidehi, a working professional with varied interests but journeys occupy a lot of space on my mind. Walk with me on the lesser-known trails in the Himalayas, camp on the meadows under the stars, have an adrenaline rush while crossing a glacier or witnessing an avalanche, gaze at the mountain peaks catching the first rays of the sun, experience the Indian jungle expecting to see a tiger at the next bend of the dirt track, walk through remote villages, see the places, hear the sounds and meet the people.  Get into the soul of these journeys.  It is much much more than ‘BEEN THERE, SEEN THAT”.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! I’ve discovered your blog thanks to the Big Blog Exchange! I like the fact that unlike other travel blogs it focuses on a specific area from a unique perspective. I hope I get to go to the Himalayas one day… until then, good luck! 🙂


  2. I like your blog, I spend at lot of time in the Himalayas myself. I found your link from 101, I had to look hard to find the about page from the home page. This is just an observation not a critisicm. Although I like it!


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