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I dived into the blog world last year with much trepidation. Will someone ever read what I write? Will I sink without a trace? And what should I write about? It was easy to choose “travel” as the subject as I have travelled quite a lot, mostly within my own country – India – and if not interesting, I would at least be authentic, I thought. Also, I have always enjoyed reading travelogues, which  helped me veer myself more in this direction.The kind of travel I have enjoyed the most is hiking in the Himalayas, so I zeroed in on this topic and took the plunge.

Writers want readers and I am no exception.  Not being very active in the social networking area, my  hope for attracting more readers lies in effective usage of the tools available for increasing visibility.

I do want to write on other matters too that are close to my heart. And it has always been a dream to write short stories. It is another matter that I have not even made a first lousy draft. But I will, I will, now that I am here and intend sticking around.